Creating a new society born through the use of
blockchain technology

  • By developing services and application layer systems using and applying the blockchain technology, CrypTrade is creating a development platform that will spur a transformation in existing business models, while also delivering the advantages of the blockchain technology to more people.

  • Blockchain, which began with a single research paper written under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, has been called the greatest revolution since the dawn of the Internet, and one that may even exceed it in importance. This fundamental technology underpins the digital currency known as Bitcoin and is thought to hold the possibility for being much more than a currency, while impacting society in such a way that it could overturn the foundations of politics, economics, and culture that we know today.

    Blockchain technology uses all of the terminals connected to a network to record transactions as data that cannot be duplicated or falsified. It does this without the need of conventional centralized institutions, using a decentralized ledger instead.

  • The data for the entire transaction history is spread out across the globe so that all participants can keep track of the system. This allows worldwide transactions that are free and uncontrolled by any particular authority or group in power.

In order to improve the lives of more people and build a society with shared benefits, we are bringing blockchain technology, P2P, and Smart Contract technology closer to our lives while creating services, applications, and business models utilizing the technology. Thirty years ago, when the Internet first started, only a small share of the participants—centralized institutions, government/financial agencies, military bodies, and large corporations—reaped the benefits. Now that several decades have passed, the growth of the Internet, along with the appearance of Google, Facebook, chat services, etc., have allowed everyday users to take part in the advantages of the technology. As the words decentralized and P2P show, the new blockchain technology is one that offers benefits for individuals worldwide. By definition, "decentralized" technology changes the state of society and favors one in which individuals enjoy benefits.

  • More than 2.5 billion grobal
    people who do not have bank accounts

    Since the 2008 financial crisis, more than 2.5 billion people across the world have not had access to many financial services due to not having bank accounts. This situation creates economic gaps and is a major factor in hampering the creation of a stable future where people have personal investments and assets in the form of savings, credit, education, etc.

  • Bring transparency to financial systems

    Transactions through banks involve large service charges, take several days for overseas transfers, and offer no way of knowing the status of the personal assets one has provided. With the application of blockchain technology, revolutionary changes replacing existing systems are possible: transfer charges disappear and one can instantaneously send funds worldwide.

  • Smart contracts

    Smart contract technology allows a variety of processes, including contracts that use the decentralized blockchain ledger. This ends the challenges, problems, and intransparency not only of financial transactions, but also of real estate, insurance, trade, and other systems, in addition to the administrative and government systems of developing nations. It substitutes these with systems of greater fairness and reliability.

  • Multi-coin capable digital currency wallets are next-generation "wallets+bank accounts"

    Having a digital currency in a decentralized society allows individuals to step back from centrally controlled systems such as bank accounts, while retaining personal control of their assets and avoiding things like high transfer fees. Simple Wallet has been designed as a standard digital currency wallet for everyone, while guaranteeing the dual benefits of usability and security. Among multi-coin capable digital currency wallets, it is a version equipped with a platform for more safely using digital currencies.

  • In a decentralized society, P2P is a new approach to fundraising that directly connects investors who share similar corporate and organizational visions.

    The fundraising approach called ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is made possible by the birth of blockchain technology. Copying the IPO concept, this system has a company or a team with a growing project issue its own currency (encrypted tokens), while individuals who support the project buy (invest in) this currency. In the process, they avoid the fees of securities companies, brokers, and other middlemen in a revolutionary way that spreads the possible benefits. CrypTrade's decentralized ICO platform allows individual investors worldwide to instantaneously access all types of promising ventures, while these ventures can seamlessly raise funds in a more convenient, globally scaled manner.

  • Using smart contracts and digital currencies for purchases, contracts, and advertisements in the virtual reality and augmented reality domains

    The commercialization of VR and AR will bring major impacts not only to the online gaming industry, but also future e-commerce markets and advertising businesses. Launching v-commerce markets, i.e., online shopping through VR, will create new ways of shopping on VR platforms, which will be carried out through more transparent and safer purchases and transactions. P2P advertising bidding, such as selling ownership rights to stores with high online traffic and sales (including in advertising markets on VR platforms), becomes possible through smart contract technology.

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